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Updated: May 12, 2020

“MONSTER YOUR STANDARDS” and push your body over your limits, I will show you your potential self: you will be surprised in how your body can evolve!

Our bodies are exceptionally mutating every second of our life, every moment will never be the same again, so we could exponentiate the results by challenging every aspect of us.

It takes a strict discipline to understand and learn how our "biomechanical machine" works.


I am pleased to share this theory which might not be obvious and requires coordination and discipline.

I will make my passages simple and clear to try to reach closer to your mind-body connection. I am studying core engagement and function in all its versions, from Ballet to Conditioning, from Body Building to Pilates, from Calisthenics to Belly Dance since more than 20 years. At this point my theory is solidly established.

You could think I am not saying anything new, but details (that might be new to you) play a fundamental role.




Respiration - the most important function of the body that brings oxygen to the brain to keep us alive. Breathe in with the nose and out through the mouth respectively inflating and deflating the belly to optimise core engagement*. Check if -you naturally breathe with the chest, belly or both now (lying supine is easier)!

Posture - We stand on two feet which form the only surface adherent to the ground to count on for the entire bodyweight. Stand tall, imagine a string pulling your head up, raise against gravity.

Core engagementcore is every skeletal muscles that actively supports your spine, located in your torso. Engage them all at once in order to keep your body in a correct posture and balance with the right support and pressure for your organs. Scapulae together, lats braced; your diaphragm and ribcage tight (respiration*); your abdominal muscles tensed to flatten the stomach; keep a constant rotation of the legs using the glutes (specifically the piriformis, legs rotators), activate the pelvic floor and perineum.

Body alignment – imagine your feet sucking the floor with their arches, lift your toes with energy pressing the ball of the feet down, standing bodyweight mainly on your heels, feet parallel; legs parallel and actively slightly rotated from the hips outwards, maintaining soft knees in a straight line with hips and heels (core engagement*); hips neutral, spine in a neutral S curvature, stomach flat & ribcage tight (respiration* core*), ears in line with the shoulders and mid side bust; lift the chest up, shoulder blade parallel, shoulders in line with parallel clavicles; chin forward, neck extended, head reaching upwards.



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