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Dance is art, is a way of expression and communication of the body. 

i love body mechanics & movements,  physics & lines, this is why I love my job and I keep developing my skills and knowledge challenging myself every day.

I love to share my ideas and opinions expressing my point with passion, for what I do and for showing you your potential self.

As an artist dance is a lifestyle and so is fitness as a personal trainer. 

you have to commit, to focus, to listen to your body and be disciplined.

technique, high standards, hard work and precision are my fundamentals.

Monster your standards!


life as dance (Italy, 2012) is a show created, curated & directed by beatrice, who is also the scenographer, costume designer, make-up artist, choreographer, dancer, teacher & event manager. 

video maker omar garatti. other dancers bea's students from different dance schools.

beatrice's view:

music represents focal points of every human being, through the art of the dance

the intent is to stage the common goals and general characters that determine human existence. 

the show as a lifetime

life as dance

dance is expression of the soul vital, honest, the first form of communication in the world, is the art of life for those who are talented. is the interior movement of these artists, thanks to which they animate themselves and share it as artwork.

everything it's movement:

the universe is movement and the human ind the means that perceives and elaborate. therefore personal creativity and fantasy are fundamental, without judgement, to create and invent a proper artistic movement. 

it is necessary to be always ready to listen to any thoughts, never stop learning to be able to find new stimulus and impulses to generate, stand out & be unique.

the actual massed & distorted marketing of the art of dance ruined its primordial meaning, that in this show, the author bea tries to transmit to you hoping to excite you from the deepest of your hearts.  

  • mother nature

  • principle

  • construction

  • essence

  • harmony

  • tree of life

  • synaptic balance

  • no one is perfect

  • personality insecurity

  • pride

  • mental duality

  • sweetness

  • fear

  • rebel madness

  • deep passion

  • togetherness

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